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Feel the Tweet Issues UPDATED

If you have purchased my application, Feel the Tweet, you will notice that you are having problems with the app. As of now the app has become unusable. I will attempt to tell you what the problem with the app is in its current state. I am using the API from which is a popular website that allows Twitter users to share their music on the web. The creator of the website is Lee Martin. The problem with the API is it has been depreciated after Twitter announced that they are stopping basic authentication. For Feel the Tweet to be fixed, the API from that website needs to be updated. I am in a position where I can not do much about the situation. I found a small solution that will at least let users post what they are listening to minus the link, but rather a YouTube link. I have tried contacting Lee Martin numerous times, but have yet to get a response. I am sincerely sorry for the issue and will fix it as soon as the API is updated.

P.S. If you’d like to help out, please try contacting Lee Martin yourself on Twitter or wherever else you can. Hopefully he will update it faster if more people are concerned.

UPDATE: After much anticipation @leemartin has finally responded to one of my tweets and said this..

yo, i gotta update, just trying to find sometime – sit tight

Looks like the update to his API will be coming soon. Stay Tuned




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