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How often has there been a time when you’re listening to a song on your iPod that you felt the world should know about?

And what better way to tell the world than posting a Tweet on Twitter or a status update on Facebook?

All this sounds pretty appetizing doesn’t it? Well with Face the Music you will be able to do just that!

Face the Music makes it easy to share your favorite songs with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter. It’s literally as easy as pressing 1 button!

#MUSICMONDAY– For you Twitter users out there. Face the Music automatically asks you on Monday if you’d like to add the #musicmonday hashtag to your Twitter posts.

YouTube Integration– Want to really have people experience what you’re listening to? Face the Music automatically searches youtube for the song and artist of the song you’re listening to. From the search results you can add a shortened link to your post.
WAIT WAIT WAIT… That’s not all!

Have you ever wanted to just Tweet something without having to load up a huge Twitter client, wait for all the posts to show up, then finally be able to start typing?

Or how about updating a Facebook Status?

With Face the Music there’s no waiting! Just press a button and Tweet or Facebook away!

**See what people are saying about Face the Music**

“If you are currently using Twitter and/or Facebook on a regular basis, you already understand the joys of sharing with others. Now there is an extremely simple and free way to share your musical tastes on either of these social networking sites thanks to a new app called Face the Music.”

An Internet Connection is needed to post Tweets or Update Facebook Status
This app works best on Wifi or 3G, but will work fine on Edge Network also